Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This Valentine's Day

Three years ago today I barreled home in my SUV to make it in time for a steak dinner provided by my parents for Valentine's Day. After years in junior high and high school of never receiving the heart-shaped ballon or Valentine-gram, the day of love was never one to be a favorite. Thankfully, the Lord showed me in 2014 how to love others around me, rather than focusing on myself and the lack of a romantic relationship.

However, that evening of driving down Interstate-95 is not lost. The three hour long drive had proved time again to allow the appropriate amount of silence to speak to my God. And what happened to be on my mind this evening -- my future husband (wherever he might have been). I didn't know who he would be at that time, though I was certain I could have presented God with a least that I deemed appropriate. Yet, God had greater plans. That evening the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for the man I would marry and what he would be doing that very evening - whether he was alone or with a gal who would not end of being his wife. I prayed for protection and his growth in the Lord to one day be my spiritual leader.

I've shared this story many times on this blog, but it gets me every single time. What I did not know at this point in my life- I did not know Jeremy Stache. I did not know he had recently proposed to his girlfriend at the time. I did not know she began to second-guess her decision to marry him that very night due to job opportunities that opened up for him. What I know now: God orchestrated every piece and part of our story to bring us together. God put it on my heart to pray for Jeremy's protection that evening and whatever he was going through - though I did not know of a Jeremy Stache until months later. God planned our meeting for just the right time and used these moments to shape us for today - together. In marriage.

Jeremy, on this Valentine's Day I am most thankful for the spiritual leader you are and your ever-pointing me to Christ, though I sometimes kick and scream at your direction. You are patient. You are kind. You are humble and selfless. You are the definition of love her on earth. I love you.

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