Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Learning a Thing or Two: Living in the North

In the blog world, I've written a couple of posts about various things I've learned about running, the Bachelor, attending weddings, etc. With next month marking the anniversary of my Southern presence in the north for a year, I decided it was high-time I wrote a post about a few things I've learned while taking on this beast of the north and planting myself right in the middle of it. A few caveats: 1) Yes, I realize my wedding anniversary is a greater momentous occasion and will write such an appropriate post on 10-3.  and Secondly) I realize that I have not learned all things of the north, and my interpretations may in fact be quite comical.  That being said, here we go:

1) I decided to write this post after having literally scoured the ice-cream aisles looking for the coveted Moosetracks ice-cream. You know what I'm talking about - peanut butter cups, fudge pieces, vanilla ice-cream. It's the making of a good time. Yet, every single time I came up empty handed until the moment Jeremy and I stopped at a local ice-cream hut. Here they are called Dairy Hut, IceCream Hut, Dugout.. whatever the case may be it will most definitely be boarded up by the end of October. Ice cream just does not do well in the colder months up here. I digress. While we were looking at all assortments of ice cream offered at the hut, I scan to see "Panda Paws: peanut butter cups, fudge pieces, vanilla ice cream." Now I'd previously seen something or other about Panda Paws in the grocery store, but it was not my coveted Moose Tracks so I skipped right along. And now, I realize in the north Panda Paws most nearly means Moose Tracks. #sigh #relief

2) There are in fact 4 seasons here. - It's not mild, hot, really hot. It's all about spring, summer, fall and winter with clear boundaries.

3) Anything fun and involving the outdoors is only open from April to October. Better get at it while the gettin' is good!

4) Sweet tea can be found. Hello McDonalds!

5) Diners are a thing. And by a thing, I mean - they are everywhere!

6) New York drivers are a little impatient. When a car in front is turning and will have to cross traffic, the driver behind stopped car will dip to the outer right side in order to go around turning vehicle that is waiting for oncoming traffic to stop. I felt like I'd arrived the day I moved to the outer right edge.

7) An exit and a mile marker do not coincide. Read: Exit 9 and 10 may very well be 15 miles apart. 

8) There is a chain here called Christmas Tree Shops. Jeremy and I went on a hunt for a tree in the aforementioned shop. We were more than disappointed when this actual miscellaneous shop offered a greater variety of chap sticks and Mucinex than actual trees. #truestory

And that my friends are the one or two things I've learned while living in the north. I'm thankful I've actually started enjoying it. Give me a tea and a sunny day, and I'm doing just fine!

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