Friday, July 22, 2016


Last weekend Jeremy and I took a whirlwind of a trip to Toronto for Lindsay's wedding! We picked up Amanda and Kyle in Newark and headed due North. This was about the closest time I figured we would get to Niagara Falls, so we planned a stop!

During the Raleigh days, I worked at Over the Falls deli. All of the sandwiches were named after bridges and the falls around Niagara. I finally found the Horseshoe! At the deli it was chicken salad on a croissant. At Niagara, it's one of the falls!
(They gave us ponchos because the mist is fierce!)

How beautiful is this! I couldn't stand it!
Amanda said I should sell my photo to the Falls for a postcard opportunity.

Me and my boo. The two hour stalemate at the border aka rush hour proved worth it!

Just me and my peeps on a boat at Niagara Falls. 

We made the trip to downtown Toronto while we waited for the wedding. These flowers were absolutely gorgeous and were EVERYWHERE!

The CN Tower and all its glitter! We refrained from waiting in line for an hour JUST for a ticket!

Stay tuned for wedding festivities and a grand friends reunion!

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