Monday, July 25, 2016

Toront-OH! Part 2: Make My Joy Complete

 The main reason we road-tripped to Toronto was for my friend Lindsay's wedding! Saturday morning I made certain to rise and shine, so I could get to the breakfast area -not for the best treats- but to see any familiar faces that might be at the hotel. Though we live in New York, I realized that some of my heart is still in North Carolina. Regardless of distance, I always knew the friends I'd make in seminary would be the friends who last a lifetime.

Ready for the wedding! 
Kim, Amanda, and Me

 I'm crazy about this sharp-dressed man. We keep it classy and still wear our Fitbits to weddings
including our own rehearsal dinner. It's how we roll.

Besties. That's all I need to say. I'm thankful for this friend. 
Six years ago we took a picture to mimic Beyonce's single ladies. We knew it was a curse because we remained single for years people! This wedding proved the ending of the curse. Peace out Beyonce.

I'd already had a good cry, but still managed a pic with Kari and Amanda after.

We were glad to steal a moment or two with the bride.

These are my people. These two pictures capture the words of John in 2 John 12 when he wrote he would visit the people of the church, so he could see them face to face and joy would be made complete. These pictures capture many things, and I'll do my best to list them all:

1) The faithfulness of God in the provision of husbands.
2) Friendships that last. Friendships that love. The blessing of friendship.
3) Shaved heads, bets, late night conversations, road trips, many miles running together, many more meals shared together, jokes for days and smiles 
4) A love for the Lord and bringing Him glory
(Meredith on the end was not a part of our group in school, but we met her at the wedding and welcomed her!)

Kari said it best when she mentioned "These are my people."
Yes, these are my people too. I am thankful for each one. Thankful for a reunion that makes my joy complete and brings refreshment to the soul.

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  1. They catered my wedding last month and they were amazing! Don't overlook these gorgeous New York wedding venues!! It's something you have to check out in person. My family and friends could not stop talking about how good the food was and how sweet the staff was!