Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Response to the attack on Dallas

Today's post is a bit late considering the attack in Dallas took place several days ago. However, it's taken me a bit of time to process my thoughts regarding this crisis in our nation. Even now, I have failed to fully investigate all that has happened. However, I do know the attacks were unnecessary and were primarily a race issue. I have friends from the Dallas area, and the events of early Friday morning have proven devastating. This is their neighborhood. This is their home. The comfort of safety has disappeared.

To be honest, yesterday I admitted to a friend my callous heart to the attack. Even when Jeremy came home from work on Friday, I was distraught because I failed to be in any state of shock or panic. I was confused. Though my heart is broken for those families who were effected by this tragedy, I could not muster the strength to be afraid. But why? Our generation has been stripped of any sort of feelings of safety. Our trust in the nation and humanity - gone. Most days I am thankful for this because it points me to the Father - who I can trust, who I can run to, who will lead me to Himself, who reminds me there is greater. Events such as the Columbine shooting and the attacks of September 11, 2001 have put up a wall for our generation. I believe we fail to trust easily. With one bad thing happening after another, yes, my heart has grown calloused.

How does this look for the believer? I realize the callous heart is not the appropriate response for the believer. The heart of a Christian is to be compassionate, mourn with those who mourn, and love. God is love. Apart from Him we are unable to know true love at all. And thus, my lack of interest in praying for the people of Dallas has been wrong. Instead of seeing a wounded, heartbroken city, my heart was previously steeled by the continued "let down of society" one time after another. Instead of looking at the hurting wife or the angered friend of a victim, I was seeing the general picture of rage and chaos of depravity Cynical, yes.

Friends and readers, my heart is for the broken hearted. The Lord has opened my eyes to our role as believer's here in this world. Though our home be eternity, we are called to be salt and light here and now. We are to walk alongside, encourage, support and love our neighbors - even if it means our neighbors are thousands of miles away. We are to look at our fallen world and know that a greater reality awaits those who believe- for those who believe in Dallas, for those who believe in New York, for those who believe in China. The people of this world are not basically good. Each of us are sinful and apart from God and are in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Everyone of us stands in need of the Savior - the victims of the Dallas attack, me, you, and even the former soldier who opened fire in Dallas.

Though our world be drowned apart from Him, let us be salt and light - being Christ in a darkened world. And to those who have been effected by the attacks on Dallas in any way, grace and peace to you.

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