Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Gandys Take New York

Over the last couple of weeks I've managed to make it to SC and back again. A visit to meet the nephew was in order and some Madelyn time was needed. It's all fun and games with a 17 month old at the children's museum with bubbles. We had a great time! The mama and daddy packed it up and drove me back to NY. My dad has never been to the city, so we thought a trip was in order for my birthday and Mother's Day! 

Thanks to my friend, Holly, we found this neat Citysighting Ferry and Madame Tussaud's combo deal. After a minute or thirty at the ferry booth, we are finally happy campers - and by happy camper I mean singular - me! She was taking her sweet precious time, and I was over. it. 

Selfie game strong with Lady Liberty and the fam.

Was it windy much? Absolutely! But I insisted on being at the front of that boat when we got to the Statue of Liberty!


Because the ferry company had a bus waiting for us, we were able to hop over to NBC Studios. My dad is a Today Show fan - let's be honest, the whole family is- so we could see inside the studio.
But first, let me get a cupcake! We celebrated the Birthday and Mother's Day with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.

I stalked out the NBC Studios area while my parents were looking at some street art. I lost my cool and apparently my reaction time when I spied Lady Gaga and Ken Paves getting out of a vehicle. At least I didn't scream. My picture is a failed paparazzi of the back of their heads. Please note the lady with blonde hair aka Gaga.

Just a quick pit stop in Times Square...

 We cashed in on the other half of our combo package and visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. We might have a flare for the dramatic .. or just really great imaginations!

We finished the night at John's Pizza! It did not disappoint, and my dad loved New York pizza!


  1. Your paparazzi pic cracks me up! I saw Jason Bateman one morning at GMA and I got all picture crazy, only to get a picture of his foot. Score! (Sarcasm)

    1. Why yes haha you would think I was taking an accurate picture of the guy getting out of the car! We definitely don't have a future in that business!