Monday, May 23, 2016

Conquering the World - Day 1

After numerous dreams about going to Disney World and missing out on the rides, the Staches decided to head to Florida for our first family vacation! We have quite a bit of traveling ahead of us for the summer, so this was our chance to kick off the summer with a bang! Disney it was!

I can't begin to describe the well-oiled machine that is Disney World these days. We were impressed by the Magical Express that picks you up from the airport and takes you to your resort as well as the Magic Bands and timely shuttles. We locked in our Fastpass options before arrival but quickly changed those around to maximize the time.

On our sprint to hop on the Disney Train, I snagged this postcard worthy shot.
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I'm not a fan of roller coasters. Well, I wasn't. But now I'm a safe fanatic of Disney coasters. You can read about conquering my fears of Splash Mountain by clicking on the "Her View From Home" tab found at the top; I wrote a sweet little article about my thought process while climbing the mountain. Our first stop was Thunder Mountain. It's safe to say we rode this 3 more times during the course of our stay. I'd planned nice adult rides for Jeremy, while I was content on a Tea Cup. It quickly became me who was begging to go on a roller coaster.

Haunted Mansion and the moving bookshelf.

It wouldn't be Disney without a parade in the middle of the day.

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Since we had reservations for a dessert party at EPCOT, we spent the second half of the day there. I was slightly disappointed. Read: BORED. I knew that would be the case. We walked a solid 17K steps that day and were tired. Dessert was in sight!
Side Note: This will be the 4th time I've gone to Disney. Every time over the course of the last 2o years that I've visited, the ball has been closed. The odds are not good for this ride. 

Found a way to keep cool in a 3D movie! 

This ride. Mission: Space. Hello, I didn't know what I was doing. I was a little on edge and asked Jeremy 50 million questions. You would've thought we were solely in charge of an actual rocket. When I came to terms with reality, I actually enjoyed the ride. Who would've thought?!
#Disneycreepinonme #Houstonwedidn'thaveaproblem

The Dessert Party at EPCOT was the best money we spent on this entire trip! I highly recommend it! We knew I didn't need a Goofy stuffed animal like my heart's desire from 1997, so we splurged and made this experience our souvenir. Desserts from all the countries? Yes! Do we like dessert? Yes! Were we excited? Duh! We talked about this the entire day. Part of the package was having a prime location for the Fireworks and Laser show - Illuminations.
#noshame #17Kstepsfordessert

Please note the Mickey sprinkles. All ends well with Mickey sprinkles when in Disney World!!

To say we were tired is an understatement. I'm certain we are still recovering from Day 1. Stay tuned for Days 2 and 3!

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