Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Conquering the Kingdom: Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of Disney began bright and early - a full day of the Magic Kingdom. Seeing as how we'd figured this thing out pretty quickly, we hopped on the train and headed to Thunder Mountain before others could get in line. A love for a Disney roller coaster was in full force. What has he done to me?

Tomorrowland Race Cars.

Liberty Square Boat Ride. My dad insisted I take Jeremy on this boat. I think dad was reliving Disney through us haha. This picture is for him.

Disney at night. We missed out on the parade because it was starting to rain, and we were just plain tired. So, instead we made a pit stop at the sweet shop on Main Street and headed to the resort where I managed to squeeze in some Dancing with the Stars while eating a red velvet cake pop.

Day 3 led us to Disney Hollywood Studios, or what I've always known as MGM. 

I made sure we had tickets for the Indiana Jones show. I managed to capture Jeremy's look of complete fascination. He loves Indiana Jones and was in the zone here.

A picture for his favorite!

We had a little time in between Fastpasses, so a picture with Mickey was in order. No kids. No discrimination. Mickey welcomes all. Jeremy wasn't completely for it but obliged his wife.

After Star Wars we were a tad bored and wanted to head back to Magic Kingdom before our flight out. We were people on a mission. One more ride. One more snack.

All was going just fine until ... the bottom fell out. We were sprinting to the bus line. I climbed on Jeremy's back for a minute. And we still walked away soaked. 
#wetrats #stillgottorideThunderMtn.

Due to some flight situations or ten, we managed to finally make it home at 3:00 AM. It took me daayyyyysss to recover. Lots of coffee!  We loved our time in Disney - right down to the Mickey Mouse ice-cream and a Coke a day. I now no longer have to dream about missing out on the rides :)

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