Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This is Home and a Giveaway!

Home just brings a good feeling, doesn't it? Today I am pairing up with Fifth of June photography to talk about Home and to bring you a great giveaway!! Who doesn't love something free; am I right? I met Paige and Teran, the photographers behind Fifth of June, when I moved to Wake Forest for seminary. When I saw some of their prints several months ago, they just warmed my little heart and had me missing the 919 something crazy! We're talking Home and that good feeling it brings and giving away a free print to a lucky winner! Scroll to the bottom for the details! .. But be sure to read first!

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And now... This is my Home:

Home is Darlington, SC. Home is Wake Forest, NC. Home is West Point, NY.

Home is where we are comfortable. It’s what’s familiar. It’s family. It’s friends. It’s the memories that flood our mind with joy. 

Wake Forest, North Carolina became my new home in 2007 when I packed all of my belongings into my Blazer and headed north to become a seminary student. This was the first time I would be moving away from all that was familiar. The road ahead did not promise the closeness of friends or family. Driving through the small streets of Wake Forest, I knew the small town would soon become my home. 

It was small. It was quaint. 

It welcomed this terrified girl embarking on a new season of life.

It became my new home. It brought a church home and friends who would now be my family. It brought friendships with several older women who would challenge me in the faith and mentor my young, selfish heart. Home brought surprises. It brought provision. It brought Mrs. Bush into my life - for that I am thankful. It gave me a school that taught me much about myself and even more about my God.

You see, Wake Forest was more than just a place I resided during those transition years. It was more than an address. It was my home. I look back on the eight years living in the Triangle area and am blown away by God’s faithfulness during that time. Though I knew much of His faithfulness in those moments, I see more fully now how He met each of my needs along the way. He gave me a place to love and call my own. He gave me friendships that have lasted beyond my zip code changing. He has taken a girl who didn’t know the meaning of “repent” on her first day of seminary and changed me to a woman who’s thirst for Him cannot be easily quenched. 

It is Joyner Park. It is Over the Falls Deli. It is the corner of North Main. It is home.

It is Wake Forest, NC. It is home. 

And now for the giveaway!! Here's the deal:
   Though I'm kinda partial to North Carolina, there are prints from other cities as well - visit the Etsy shop to see which print you like!!- so don't miss out folks!!

1)  Pick and choose or do all 5 of the options provided! If you are already doing one of the options click it any way, it's a freebie. By doing any of the following, each is a unique entry. Due to the nature of the set up by Rafflecopter, each option may produce a blank space - fill it in my by saying " I have done ______." and press Enter. You will see the entry number change at the top.
2) The drawing will end May 4th! 
3) Rafflecopter will generate the winner, and we will check to make sure the entry was legit!
4) We will email the winner on Cinco de Mayo! You choose the print you like, and it's yours!!!

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  1. Love this! Wake Forest will always be some form of home for me, too :)

  2. Thank you for always being so real in your posts:) Your blog always puts a smile on my face!!

  3. 919 is my home and the 919 misses you!!

  4. Wake Forest is a little less "wake forest" without you! But it is definitely my home now and I am so thankful that it is home for our girls as well!!

  5. The 919 area is my home too now! I'm thankful to have shared it with you for a little while. :)

  6. I know the feeling! The 919 definitely is my home! I miss it terribly and visiting is like going home.

  7. Home is a sense of contentment, surrounded by those who I love and live life with. Though WF was my home for a time, and Tennessee was home for a time, Denver is home forever - unless God moves us! And yet, in a very real sense, home is heaven and something I haven't experienced yet.

  8. Erin! Excited to see you in your current home soon! I'm glad to know others have multiple homes!

  9. Love this. I am blessed because I got to meet you in WF and work by your side. I have had many homes and right now Murfreesboro, TN(little Nashville) is my home. But the PeeDee will always be my first home.

  10. Home to us was WF and whenever we come back to the states WF feels more like home to us than where our parents live. Since traveling on the road constantly for the past two years and living in another country, one is confused where home is but we have come to realize that our earthly home is where the ones we love are. It's not a location (because everywhere we go is home temporary) but it's the people that make a place home.