Thursday, April 28, 2016

That time I went to The Tonight Show

Rachael Ray. Meredith Vieira and now ... Jimmy Fallon!!

The Tonight Show releases tickets a month ahead for its shows. Back in March in the middle of my impromptu cake decorating class, I remembered tickets were being posted that day! I used my phone to scavenge my way through the available dates for tickets. It went something like this: Click. Refresh. Sold out. Click. Refresh. Sold out. I'd lost all hope until.... Apr. 27th appeared to have open tickets. Talk about a panic moment. My fingers have never typed my name so fast. And yet... we were still waitlisted.

Fast forward to a week ago when I received the email that my Ticket Status had changed. I still had to confirm tickets and quite literally pulled over on the side of the road to get those bad boys. I'd been waiting far too long for that status update!

April 27th came around and we had a pretty strong game going! Parking early. Meal early. Stalk around the gated area. And some ice cream. 

Who wouldn't eat Tonight Dough when coming to The Tonight Show?
There's a Ben & Jerry's in the NBC Concourse and we saw a good door of opportunity!

 With a few minutes to waste, we took every photo opp the NBC Store offered - including some chocolate covered gummy bears.

Today Show dreams semi come true.

Pictures were not allowed in the studio. But Jimmy was on point. I was bracing myself for some celebrity let down - but Whew! I'm a FalPal (There words not mine.) Jimmy Fallon was charming - that's the best word I can use. I imagine if I looked up charming in Webster's, there would be a picture of Jimmy Fallon. Also, Gisele was just as down to earth as a beautiful supermodel/Tom Brady's wife can be. 

Selfie- game. Check. 

My only proof: a wrist band.

We tried to find a Tonight Show advertisement outside the studio after we were done taping. We found better. I noticed him casually walking out of the side door. Before anyone else noticed, I ran up and said "Can you take a picture with me?" He was nice about it but needed to get a move on because his driver was there. 
Me: Ok I'm ready. (Holding my finger at the bottom circle on selfie mode.)
Questlove: Is that how you take a picture? Let me show you how to take a picture. Make sure your 
girls get in the picture.
Snap. Snap.
Me: Alright thanks! Love your pin!
Giddiness. Pure giddiness.

We didn't make it on the show, but I was okay with that. Bucket List item has been checked off. 

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