Monday, April 25, 2016

That Time I Got Locked in the Garage

It happened today.

My To-Do list was a mile long and things were adding to it by the minute. Never mind the fact that I'd spent no less than 4 hours of my day already working on my wedding album, so I could potentially get the Mother's Day discount. There was a house to clean. There was an outfit to pick out for Jimmy Fallon, and don't forget the packing.

After completing the album and maintaining some level of sanity, I decided to begin my cleaning efforts by placing some pictures for the Facebook Garage Sale.. well.. back in the garage. No one has time to try and post these things with my list of to-dos.

And then it happened, the door shut behind me with a loud slam. Oh, but don't worry... that door has never locked before. Why would it start now? Except it did. And here was my train of thought...

Why won't this door unlock?
Surely I can pop it open.
Just jiggle it. I wish I had a credit card... or a screw driver.
I have dinner to cook. I have a house to clean.
I need to take the chicken out to thaw.
I can't get out of here.
I'm going to have to bang on the garage door and hope someone walking by will help.
Jeremy won't be home until 6!!
Oh my.. the oxygen!! The oxygen supply is going to dwindle. (This became my biggest concern.)

And because of that great concern, I used Hulk like fury to manually lift the garage door.

Now what? I'm barefooted. Jeremy has his old New Balances in the garage. So, I put on those six 10 1/2s and sit outside the house. I can sit here or try to find a neighbor to call Jeremy. But ... my mind is shot and I can't even remember Jeremy's number.

I shuffle my way up the hill to the only neighbor I know - mind you, she answers the door in her housecoat. I then shakily call my mom for Jeremy's number - then Jeremy. I couldn't tell whether or not I wanted to cry or laugh. I shuffled my way back to the house in the giant's shoes and prayed my little heart out, and then did the next logical thing.. Cleaned the floor mats of my car.

I needed that little stop in my day. And I needed the laugh. And then.. I needed a Coke.

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