Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nininger Hall, Ike Hall and Cold Spring, Oh my!

I love a good tour just as much as the next guy. A perfect little tour marries two of my favorite things together: History and Jeopardy-worthy facts that will get me nowhere in life. 

The spouses are given the opportunity to tour different facilities on post; thus I sign up and have a quick turnaround of RSVPness when a tour is offered. 

March brought us a tour of Nininger Hall. Clearly I'm a little behind in posts. This is the oldest barrack on post, though no longer used for this purpose. The Hall is now where Honor Code trials are held. Cadets run a tight ship and don't tolerate lying, stealing or cheating - therefore, the cadets must go to trial if that code of conduct is broken. Also housed in this building are replicas of barrack rooms from different wars. 

Left- WWII barrack
Right - Civil War barrack
The Civil War brought even a division at West Point. Cadets might have very well had to fight their roommates if they were on the opposing side.

 Great little quote here in the Honor Library.

Here is that Jeopardy-worthy trivia I'm talking about. This is the only place on post (and rightly so) where the swastika can be found. If you look closely, there is a lightning bolt striking the swastika to indicate the air raids at Normany that struck down the Nazis!

My friends and I walked through downtown Cold Spring last week on the hunt for lunch. Apparently all of Cold Spring shuts down on a Tuesday and may be in their stores "by chance"; I can't make this up. We landed at the Silver Spoon and walked through some antique shops. Jane and Holly had fun trying on old lady hats; however pics were strictly forbidden. 

How cute of a town is this? 

The April tour was held last Friday of Ike Hall. This is the second largest theater on the East coast next to Radio City. This is a theater that brings in 12 shows a year for cadets, post families, and the surrounding area. 

I rather enjoy taking a picture of a floor when it's something special - This floor was hand-laid oak tiles from the 70's. I marvel at the work. 

When you see the husband's class crest, you take a picture of it. "Never Falter, Never Quit" was from George W's speech after the attacks of 9/11. 06's were the first cadets to enter a post 9/11 West Point.

When I headed out from the tour, I spied this little Army phrase in the trees.

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