Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell: The Way to My Heart

I always loved a good Show and Tell in kindergarten and meticulously thought through the item I would take to show and tell my friends about in the circle of friends. Today, I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to tell about the way to my heart!

I love a good talk with my mom. I love chocolate covered pecans from my daddy. I love sweet surprises from Jeremy. And I love mystery packages in the mail from friends. But now that I'm married, there's more to it than that. I'm going to share a few things Jeremy does that hits me right in the heart and has me smiling:

1) Jeremy is the spiritual leader I've always prayed to have. I am a questioner. Jeremy is an answerer. Yes, I made up the word. But he's patient to answer my questions and consistently point me to Scripture when I need it. He loves the Lord and his passion for Him makes me weak.

2) He has surprised me with little what nots. I had been searching high and low for some decent mums when the Fall season struck. Jeremy surprised me by bringing some home that were beautiful. He also got me the coveted grey New Balances for Christmas. Though I'm a gifts girl, I love that he has listened to the things I go on and on and on about. 

3) He entertains my crazy TV shows. I love One Tree Hill. Shocker. But Jeremy has been willing to put aside his desire for a more manly show to spend time with me and watch this teen drama. 

4) Jeremy is Jeremy. And I look at him and think - "How in the world did I get this guy?" It is truly the Lord's plan. Thinking of HIs plan for our lives goes straight to my heart and brings me to tears- every.single. time. 

And now, I feel like my minute of Show and Tell time is up. I must bow and take my seat in the circle. Have a great Tuesday!

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