Monday, February 8, 2016

At the Point

Hello there faithful readers! It has been a hot minute since I've written anything! I can barely believe it myself. The week has been busy, and the mind has been turning with ideas of all things writing. I hope to wrap of the "That Season" series this week by closing with a nice little reflection on This Season.

This has been my week, and therefore lack of writing:

Wednesday involved quite a bit of activity. One of which included a trip to the grocery store. Out of the corner of my eye on the way to the salads, I spotted this giant boxes of Pop Tarts. They were on sale for $3.99 with a $1 off coupon attached to the box. Seeing as how one can't look away from such a great deal, I nabbed two and now our kitchen pantry boasts of 96 toaster pastries for 6 bucks.

I regularly attend the post Bible Study on Wednesdays and decided to do the Beth Moore Bible study "Believing God." I am loving it and am challenged to believe God in a greater way. While at Bible study, I received a small journal for the study as a gift, and another lady brought me a devotional that made her think of me since I'm still a newlywed. My little love language gift heart was overwhelmed. Throughout the course of the day, I was encouraged toward some ministry positions and was given another writing project. I'm currently in the middle of two and am glad to take on another! Bring.It.On - but do you see the reason for a low profile blog now!? However, I will press on in blog world too! If two little gifts weren't enough, Jeremy surprised me with these beautiful flowers! I was in tears at how lovely our God is and how He knows every corner of my heart - the stubborn, the impatient, and the desperate for Him.

Pizza Night Friday followed by One Tree Hill watchin' with the fella, and I receive this text in the middle of the episode:
#Imelt #hesakeeper

Little sass went to her first Daddy/Daughter Dance for Valentine's. I can't get enough of her cuteness. It also blows me away every time I see Jordy and M together. His love for her is so big that I never could've imagined my brother loving in this way. Cue tears for days when we have children, and Jeremy is loving them.

And finally, I made a not-so feeble attempt to gain tickets for a taping of the Meredith Vierra Show since this is the last season. I had to write a small story about the girls I was coming with- Well, I pulled the military card because it was the truth. And now me and the girls have VIP tickets to the taping whatever that means! Front row? Maybe. Not waiting in line? Absolutely. We will take it!

Happy  Monday friends! Kick it in the face we've got bigger fish to fry- It's called Olivia, and she just can't win The Bachelor.

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