Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show us Your Singles: Tim

It's Singles Day! And we've (Jeremy and I; more me than him) have been looking forward to this day! We've carefully thought through the friends we wanted to introduce to the Kelly's Korner world of Singles Day. Seeing as how we met through Kelly's blog, we are pretty big fans! Without further ado,

Meet Tim!

Before we begin, here's what you need to know about Tim. His sister married my brother. We share a fantastic little niece that we call M. He also was the videographer for our wedding; Jeremy and I knew Tim needed to be posted about- we want him to meet a great girl because he's pretty great!

Tim is 25 years old and is currently working on his Master's in Christian Ministry at Southeastern seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He is also a Youth pastor at a church in the area and has been working with youth groups for the last six years. This is Tim's greatest passion! He loves serving the Lord and working with middle and high schoolers. When asked Tim said this about youth ministry, "I get to help students see that they can do what they're already good at for the glory of God."


Tim enjoys spending time with his family- They love to play board games, have competed in mud runs together, and have been known to try out for Family Feud! How fun!
Tim is values the family and is looking forward to starting one of his on someday- he's looking for the right girl though :) 

(Center - with parents)
Now who doesn't love a guy who likes to dress nice for a Sunday!?

(Left; obviously)
Hi guys, This is sweet M and her beautiful mom, Tim's sister. Isn't she the cutest niece ever?

I digress.
Back to Tim:

I asked Tim to describe what he is looking for in a potential mate. I just copied and pasted because his words were just on point: "I'm looking for someone who must love the Lord first. She should seek the Lord daily... She should be kind to others and look to their interests. She should understand that serving others is more important than serving self. She should take pride in her appearance as a daughter of the King and carry herself accordingly. Finally, she should be willing to support her husband in a household where the two work together to see Christ's Kingdom expanded!" (End quote.)

(I'm kinda partial to the pics with M in them.)

And if all of that didn't convince you (and it should have), Tim enjoys photography, skiing, running and the thrill of competition. He's a big kid at heart, which you kinda have to be for Youth work, and even gave M her first pair of Sponge Bob PJs. I give the cute girly outfits, and we leave it to Uncle Tim for the humorous things! 

PS- Tim is also a blogger.  You can read by clicking here!

If you or your sister or your friend or your coworker might be interested in getting to know Tim a little more, send an email my way -
Please note "Tim" in the subject line, as I am posting several people for Singles Day.
Also, write a little about yourself and include pics to show your sparkling personality!!
It's only fair right? - Considering you just read a book about him.
I'll forward all emails to Tim!

Happy Singles Day!


  1. Hey Erin!!! I know a sweet, single girl who works and attends Southeastern!!! I am emailing you!!! I would love for them to meet!!!

  2. I've said before and I'll say it again. I love watching folks love on and praise the good qualities in the single friends and family in their lives! What a neat way to encourage them, if nothing else.

  3. Hey there! I enjoyed reading your post about Tim, especially what he said about what he is looking for in a partner. My sister actually posted about me today...number 63 I would be very interested in chatting with Tim if he would like! My email address is Looking forward to see what transpires with Kelly's Korner.

  4. Hey Tim! My name is Amanda and you seem like a super sweet guy. I live in Virginia, about an hour and a half away from Wake Forest. I would love to get to know you/meet you. You're welcome to email me if its not too late :) there seems to be lots of good people linking up! My email is
    Just a few facts about me: my number one reason for living is Jesus Christ. I've grown up in my home church since I was 3 years old. I LOVE kids and was a nanny for a family of 3 for 6 years until I became a pharmacy technician a couple years ago. I'm 24 years old. I LOVE Mexican food and spending time outside, and with my family and best friends family. Oh and I also love to read! Hope to hear from you!

    1. I'm also #126 on the linkup... My brother created a blog just for this, but he's not too keen on blog posting! ;)