Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show Us Your Singles: Heather

Seeing as how I met my husband through Kelly's Korner, I'm a huge proponent of Show Us Your Singles. I have several friends I'd like to introduce you or your brother to.

This is my friend Heather!

Heather is a great friend! She and I met during my time in seminary which was probably around 2008 or 2009. That means we've known each other a while! Heather is 31 and currently lives in Florida. 

Heather loves the Lord! I can't think of a time when we weren't talking about the Lord and what He is teaching us at any given time. She seeks to serve and worship Him with her life. Heather works as a Children's Minister at a church in Florida. She really enjoys her job and considers it less of a job and more of something fun to do where she can minster to others.


As you can tell Heather has a great smile! Her smile matches her personality. She is always so happy and loves being around people. I would say (though she may disagree) Heather is also fairly adventurous. She's up for just about anything!


Heather loves spending time with her family. She respects her parents and their advice. Heather has a heart for Africa because her grandparents served there as missionaries for a time.

Heather is a Chinese food lovin', Tampa Bay Rays watchin', Christmas obsessed, Disney die hard and cheesecake indulger type of girl!


Heather and I would often meet to eat at a restaurant along the Interstate when I was traveling back to Raleigh and she was in another part of the state. She's a great long distance friend who I'm able to keep up with often. Now that I live in NY and she lives in FL, you'd figure the friendship would fall apart.. not so. All that to say, you should connect the dots and realize that a long distance friend is likely to make a great long distance (or short distance) girlfriend for some lucky fella.

If you or someone you know are the perfect match for Heather, send an email to

Several things:
1) Please write Heather's name as the subject line, as I am posting several people for Singles Day.
2) Please include a little about yourself, or your brother, or cousin, or neighbor. A little info about yourself is only fair, right? Include some pics and those details. I'll send them straight to Heather!

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