Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show Us Your Singles: Kelly

Happy Singles Day everyone! Seeing as how I met my husband through Kelly's Korner, I'm doing my best to post a few singles we want to find great matches!

Meet my friend, Kelly!

Kelly is a great friend of mine! Kelly is originally from Raleigh, NC and still resides in the area. She will be 32 very soon and works as an administrative assistant for the pastoral staff at a church in the Triangle.  We met at church when I moved to Raleigh in 2007.

Kelly and I have been in several Bible studies together and book clubs. She enjoys serving at her church and being involved in mission projects in the community. We've actually hosted several parties at Christmas time together where we specifically focus on giving to a cause. All of this translates to the point that Kelly loves the Lord! She has a desire to serve Him and is looking for someone who desires to do the same!

This is at my wedding! Kelly is actually the one who told me about Kelly's Korner way back when.

Kelly is also an aunt and loves spending time with her niece and nephew. She is so fun and always plans exciting things for them to do. 

(Right - Being a great aunt!)

We love fun parties! This was taken at a Kentucky Derby party last May. Kelly is great at planning parties and loves a good theme! She keeps life fun and always has something going on!


Before you go telling your brother or coworker about Kelly's awesomeness, there's MORE!
She loves NC State- football, basketball, you name it!
Kelly can cook! And loves to try new recipes - That makes a great wife right?
She is a wonderful conversationalist and talk about everything from entertainment and sports to what the Lord is doing in her life!
Kelly is a master at Trivia Night; You definitely want her as your partner!

All of the makings for a great match!


I am so thankful for Kelly's friendship and would love nothing more than to find her a great fella! She deserves it for sure! 

If you or someone you know would like to get to know Kelly more, please send an email to

Several things:
1) Please include Kelly in the subject line, as I am posting several people for Singles Day.
2) Include a little about yourself and pics to go along with that charm and class you've got going on. It's only fair, right? Seeing as how you know quite a bit about her now!

I'll be sure to forward these emails directly to Kelly!
Happy Singles Day!


  1. Kelly is the very best. :) Just a second opinion on that!