Sunday, January 17, 2016


Believe me, I am BEYOND thrilled that I'll soon be seeing Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Joey reunite. I'm ecstatic. Was hesitant at first but now knowing the legitimacy of it all, I am oh so happy and oh so aware that, yes indeed, money talks.

BUT there was a friends reunion of a greater kind this weekend! - The Roses came for a visit!

Candie was on of my bridesmaids and rightfully so - We met during my first few weeks at seminary and were pretty much friends from there. Our wild nights included frisbee golf on campus many 'a times at the stroke of midnight and wild mornings that claimed our stake in the 5 AM royal wedding. Jesse and Candie met while we were in seminary. It was fun being on the sidelines watching as they dated, got engaged, and lived married life. 

I was so happy they were able to make it to visit before they head back overseas. This was our kind of reunion:

Tour de West Point 
Tour Guide: Jeremy

After a life altering West Point tour (because when you're a fact nerd like myself, any tour is life altering), it was necessary to take kitchen/cooking selfies to send to Mrs. Bush while cooking enchiladas. 

 Much time in between was spent dancing with Eliana and building towers. She knocked them down, and I'd like to build them.

Candie requested the cookie skillet dessert, and I was happy to oblige:

This weekend was such an encouragement and refreshment for me.

It amazes me at how the Lord works in our lives, and we simply need that reminder to see His goodness. My prayer in 2007 was to make friends in a new town and state. The Lord quickly provided Candie as a friend during my first week of school. While Candie and Jesse headed over seas to serve as missionaries, I was selfishly concerned that she would never be here if I ever got married. Yet, the Lord brought her and Jesse home for a year and half. During that time, she was able to meet Jeremy and walk alongside me during dating, engagement and marriage. He also brought Candie back to the states (and more specifically Raleigh) when I desperately needed familiarity because so many friends were leaving. I am thankful that His ways are higher. In the minute, I don't see it. But today I am grateful.

As Candie and Jesse left, we spent a few moments praying over one another. I honestly didn't expect it but am thankful for that sweet time. I used to have a hard time when people would say that phrase "sweet time." Yet, I'm understanding it more and more- a sweet time is when believers gather together and rejoice in their God. It was a sweet time of worshipping the Father and beckoning His protection over one another. It was a sweet time because we are in Christ, and that's why we love one another and serve Him.

That's why our reunion was a greater kind.

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