Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One Tree Hill and Theology

Jeremy and I have been steadily making our way through the seasons of One Tree Hill; this was by my suggestion of course. In case you don't know about One Tree Hill, it's a teen drama that aired in the early 2000s and was filmed in Wilmington.

What I love most about One Tree Hill is the constant pictures of redemption that are woven throughout all of the seasons. The show ends in the culmination of this picture and leaves me breathless every time. Today and in posts to come, I plan to write about a segment that stands out to me and how it relates to Christian theology. To be sure, it may be a stretch at times but work with me here.

Season 3:
Dan Scott has been wrongly accused of Daunte's death. Tree Hill didn't want to see their mayor in prison and at last Dan is found innocent. Daunte died on impact in the car crash. As Dan is released from prison, his lawyer quickly says, "Mr. Mayor, you're free how does it feel to be innocent?"

For you: "You're free, how does it feel to be innocent?"

This quote gets me every time because I think the same is easily applicable to a believer. We are free once and for all by the blood of Christ, but we constantly return to those chains and willingly sit behind bars. The guilt and shame of sins present and sins past restrain us to not believe the Truth of who we've been proclaimed to be in Christ. 

It is for freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

This powerful verse explains exactly the innocence Dan Scott was claimed to have on the day of his release - Except our innocence is much greater. Sure there are days when I don't understand this. There are days when I certainly don't think I deserve this (more on that in another post.) But it is not about my own efforts. It is about the promises of God's Word that He has washed us whiter than snow. He has taken away our sin and guilt because of the sufficient sacrifice of Christ. 

Where we were once in chains, we are free to go.
Where we were once laden with guilt, we are now proclaimed innocent.
Where we were once a sinner condemned unclean, we are now clothed in righteousness. 
Where we were destined to an eternity apart from Him, we are now His sons and daughters.

Therefore let us stand firm in our freedom. For when we are asked how does it feel to be innocent, we will know that we walk freely because of what was accomplished for us on the cross. 

In Christ, my friend, you are free. Now how does it feel to be innocent?

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  1. I'm still on season 1 of OTH but I'm excited to watch more of it!