Monday, November 16, 2015

The Haves and the Have Nots

I'm sitting at the oil changing place. For some reason, I can't for the life of me think of what they call these places. It's always been "Oh, I need to go get my oil changed." I am wearing sweats, though it be a balmy 60 degrees out. My hair is pulled back. I have no make up on, and I'm drooling over to Coke that awaits me at the Wendy's next door. I've jumped my rope. I've taken a longer walk. I've got a TV commitment with Chopped in about an hour. This is my life. And I don't hate it.

While on my walk I started thinking about the Haves and the Have Nots. How dismal a life is when it is focused on the have nots in life? I find myself in this rut. I know friends who find themselves as well. We get in this place where we can look all around and with rose tinted glasses we see what everyone else has and what we have not. It makes us miserable doesn't it? And praise the Lord that He rescues me daily from that pit of despair. I truly believe the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy EVERY bit of satisfaction we have in the Lord. He wants to rip apart joy and happiness and contentment from our God who loves us passionately. He what's us to focus on the have nots. The enemy wins, friends, when we become paralyzed within ourselves and what we don't have. He has a party when he sees us feasting on the mud pies rather than taking in a holiday at sea (CS Lewis). He claims victory when we stay indoors or in ourselves and pout because in our brains we have conceived that God has left us behind.

I am so grateful that God is continuously rescuing me from this mentality. Yes I felt like I focused on the have not of not having a husband and now I do. But the focus is MUCH greater than that. I believe God is faithful to answer my prayers. And He will answer you! He didn't solve my have and have not mentality by giving me a husband. He solved it by changing how I see my life and what He has for me. I have LIFE folks. I have this day. I have the coolness of the breeze. I have the beautiful Fall leaves. See what He's done? He has given great refreshment in what I do have- sometimes to the point of pure elation over the way the sun reflects on the water!! I mean seriously?!

In light of the attacks on Paris and our daily battle against the principalities of darkness, let's remember this world is not our home. Let's be reminded of the evil of this world and the GREAT promise of hope we are given through Christ. Let us have a thankful and grateful heart prepared for Thanksgiving. What better time to pray for contentment than around Thanksgiving? There can be no thankfulness without contentment.

We have it all. We have not the fear of death. We have not the fear of this is it. We have so much more. Sitting in this oil change place. I have it all.


  1. Well said!!! I often get caught up in the feelings and wonderings of the Haves and Have Nots and this is a great reminder! Hope is alive!

    1. Hey Nikki! I miss your posts :) Hope you are well!