Saturday, November 14, 2015

Veteran's Day Late Than Never

See what I did there?

We actually did celebrate Veteran's Day on the 11th, but the post is a little late! Veteran's Day takes on a whole other meaning than just a day off when you are married to a Veteran. After their committed and faithful service to our nation, many restaurants offer free meals to the veterans. Jeremy had the day off, of course, so we did what veterans do.

I made this cute sign for Jeremy to greet him in the morning! I'm all about cute signs and used to leave Amanda some when we lived together. Now, it's on to the better roommate and permanent one and more handsome one! Yes, the flag is backward. The backward flag is worn on the Army uniform. It means "always moving forward." (Imagine the flag blowing in the breeze moving forward.) And you say, "Ahhhhh got it."

We were having some work done to our home, so we stayed out pretty much all day which most nearly translates to food, food and more food. Jeremy was excited about his Red, White, Blue breakfast from IHOP! We also ate Chili's for lunch. I wasn't complaining about a) having Jeremy home during the week and b) eating like this.

Thankful for this guy and his service to our country! You deserve more than a free breakfast! I love you!

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