Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One Month In: Stache Life

Today is November 3rd, which most nearly means that me and the mister have been married for a month! Time flies when you've been in the Bahamas, meal planning, unpacking, doing married people stuff and finding furniture. We are thankful for God's goodness to us during this first month!

Here are just a few things I have quickly learned during the first month of marriage:

- Jeremy and I have fun together! Being long distance and only seeing each other a few days out of a month, I always wondered what our constant interaction would be like (leave it me to think about something like that!) We laugh often. We make fun of each other. We don't mind being goofy around one another. That keeps it fun!

- I am selfish. I didn't realize how much of that would shine through in a marriage. People (i.e. people in books) prepare you for that, but when it's just you - well that selfishness hits you splat in the face. I want things my way and for him to see things my way. We all have those selfish tendencies; We're fallen but man O man does marriage magnify it. Living under one roof together day in and day out - well, you start realizing even more so how much you need God's grace.

- I couldn't have imagined anyone more perfect for me than Jeremy. The other day we found ourselves talking about exes. Not awkward at all ha. But what it came down to is this: I can't imagine anyone from my past fitting me the way Jeremy does. He is calm where I am emotional. He is serious when I want to be laid back without a schedule. We are both eager beavers to run - him more so than me. He is the quiet one (sometimes) where I like to be the social gabber. And we both love food.

- In church this Sunday, our preacher taught on Titus 2:2 aka Biblical manhood. There is so much to that topic, but the biggest flashing light was how men are to provide - We all know that. But my submission to allowing Jeremy to be the provider (rather than rebel against it) encourages his manhood toward biblical proportions.

- Next year we will definitely need more Halloween candy.

This morning while I was walking and yesterday I was overcome with how gracious God has been to me. There are times when I don't delight in Him, but He continues to pursue my heart. Marriage is a wonderful gift. I'm thankful for it. I'm more thankful for the picture of the gospel that it shows me every day.

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