Monday, November 2, 2015

The Most Perfect Day

We have entered November! That means several things: We've been married nearly a month (What!?!); Christmas presents need to be purchased; and Christmas is coming (What!?! again.) By my accurate calculations, I have a few more wedding-type posts to make. You can read my first post HERE; it has all the good pre-wedding drama, or not so much.

Let me say this- I loved our wedding reception. Everyone kept telling me it'd be gone in the blink of an eye, and I might not remember much of it. Well. It did go fast, but I remember quite a bit! I remember the people - the food - the cakes - the dancing -and the smallest of details. It was such a special day, and I was truly thankful for every person within those 4 walls. Each person was/is a part of our story - individually and together.

There were a few things I'd always wanted. It went something like BBQ, funfetti cupcakes, dancing, and a cake table. That's exactly what I got.

This was our wedding reception:

I had a specific plan for the tables. Burlap. Baby's breath. Mason jars. Some green. Some blue. It worked and was beautiful. Brandon, my florist, helped us out with the flowers - I loved it.

I knew I didn't want veggie trays or such for the cocktail hour. And lessssss be honest (Pitch Perfect folks!), we don't drink so that hour was going to look a little different. The words for this sign popped into my head, no pun intended, and I knew I wanted to serve some fantastic popcorn and Cokes. My friend CaryAnne made all of the awesome chalkboard signs!

The cake table: I had some special ladies make their specialty dessert. I had my bridal portrait along with my mom's portrait and Jeremy's mom on display. This was something I'd always wanted to do!

My friend, Torri, made our cake and the cupcakes. Um yes. They were absolutely funfetti and stinking' awesome. Jeremy and I had our fair share of cupcake goodness. All of this flowed so well together- crates from Devon, and my friend Hannah gave me the sprinkles sign. It was all about Romans 8:28 - Jeremy was my sprinkles to the good. 

Ben Rector's "Forever Like That" was definitely our first song.  Two years ago, I went to my first Ben Rector concert. I didn't even know who this Ben guy was. Now he's my favorite. But that night I heard this song for the first time and immediately said "I will dance with my husband to this song as our first dance." Done and done. 

Show stopper: Daddy and I danced a little jig to Sweet Home Alabama. I knew I didn't want the dance to be sentimental. I would already be a wreck since I'm a dad's girl. This was the ticket! Link below. Seems like M enjoyed watching her aunt and papa cut a rug.

Dancing. Jeremy doesn't dance. We had a good agreement going. I could dance, and he could visit with his Army friends from near and far - I visited with my friends on the dance floor.
This picture is too much - I just now noticed the excitement on all of our faces.. and just plain happiness. These girls mean the most to me!
Also, the glow sticks brought the party.

Getting down with some of the best.

 Caroline and I got down to Footloose. And this picture caught it all.

A sparkler exit. The rain stopped. The skies were clear. And many a'people stayed to send us off. Jeremy and I drove through the crowd of people after exiting - Let's just say- Grease was channeled.

I wouldn't have our day any other way. It was absolutely perfect, and it was ours.
And as promised ...

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