Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life in the South (Carolina)

I'm trying my best to update picture posts, but I'm going to do it in the order that things happened. That makes logical sense, right?!

I moved home to SC for the six weeks before the wedding. I will hands down say it is the best decision I made. Quit the job. Yes. Moved home. Yes. Limited budget. Yes. Worth it. Absolutely.

The mom and dad and I did our morning walks for about an hour. It was quite comical but our commitment was strong. We all had wedding attire in mind and maintaining those figures. The rest of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. was filled with wedding tasks. It didn't stop. I wanted it too, but something always came up that just had to be done. On a brighter note, we still escaped to the beach and saw sweet M.

When in Darlington do what the Darlingtonians do, go to the track!
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I think she's saying something to the effect of, "Oh Erin, why did I eat that sweet potato fry!?"

#Iliketofishatthebeach  #andapparentlynotwearmakeup #win

Mema and Papa visited at the beach for a few days. I think the little red head had something to do with it. 


  1. Love this! Where in SC did you move to? I'm in Charlotte (not from from the border) and we spend a good bit of time in greenville!

    1. Hi! I moved home to Darlington, but we are in NY now! I love the Greenville/ Charlotte area :) thanks for reading!!!