Thursday, October 22, 2015

That Day It Rained .. Some Might Call It A Deluge

That day was my wedding day.  I couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to share about our wedding day with blog world from my perspective. This is the time where I get to sit back and recount the day from my eyes when I wasn't being whisked this way and that. Let's be real, there was no whisking to be had. The rain kind of stopped that. The day I became a Stache will go down in the books.

The Wednesday before the wedding news broke across all of the local news stations Hurricane Joaquin was headed directly towards the Carolinas. Imagine me: it was a melt down people. It was just me and my daddy. Dad doesn't like to see his daughter cry, so I just had to leave the house. (I had an extended errand to run.) But I left with tears. I drove for miles just crying. In my head, my day was already ruined. I wouldn't be able to do outdoor pictures. People wouldn't come to the wedding. I would look like a wet rat for it all. It didn't occur to me that through it all, I would be married. Actually it did hit me. It hit me about 30 minutes later, while I was still driving to see baby Anna. The Lord quietly reminded me that I could either get married in the rain or not get married at all. Which do you think I chose? And slightly embarrassed I might add. And just like that the melt down was over. The rains didn't stop, though. It was like Noah's day I felt sure. Jeremy called it the "1000 year storm." That made it sound so much better, right?

Fast forward. It's Friday night. It's still raining. Water entered my high heels during the rehearsal dinner run. But one thing was sure. The Lord kept me. I sat at the rehearsal dinner and looked out at everyone gathered for the dinner. I could have gotten married at that very moment. My heart was at peace because all of the people I wanted to be present were there.

Saturday morning - Wedding Day! - I had prayer folks praying for me to be able to garner some time in the Word. This had been my hope for months. I wanted to wake up and spend some time with the Lord. I don't even know what passage I read, but it was a time I treasured and praised Him for. A girl on her wedding day was able to get 30 minutes alone. It was certainly a blessing!

PS- The ladies at Indigo rocked it.

Amanda and I drove to Hartsville to get my hair and make up done for the wedding. We had an early morning of activities. The rain didn't stop us. It did, however, stop the bridal luncheon temporarily. A wonderful woman from church was hosting the luncheon at her home. The dam broke and washed her entire driveway into their lake. Change of plans. Though the rain continued, I was calm.

The bridal luncheon was moved to the Fellowship Hall at my church. These sweet ladies hustled and bustled to get the cutest luncheon together. They brought their fine china, linen napkins, and snagged several bouquets of roses in the midst of the chaos. Except, the bride wasn't present. That's right. I was late. You see, Amanda and I were driving home in a timely fashion until we came to a bridge that flooded the entire road. I'm talking jacked up Z71s couldn't make it through that. We turned that little SUV around and meandered our way through more standing water to the Gandy house. I arrived late to the luncheon, but I enjoyed it all - so thoughtful of these ladies to keep their plans despite everything going on.

Special hostesses for the luncheon minus Mrs. Marie



Near the end of the luncheon the electricity began to flicker. Yet, I was certain it would be on shortly. Minutes crept by and still no power. The groom hadn't arrived, and we were all in the dark. Thankfully, my friend Amelia's mom was still able to do the girls' hair without a good hot curling iron. Their hair turned out beautifully. She stayed calm and continued to do her thing. I, well I, walked around the church with the wedding director searching for candles. Mom couldn't finish her hair at home because again, no power. The key words for the day were flexibility and adjustment. My photographer worked like a champ to make my "outdoor" dreams a reality. We did all sorts of tricks. And, the pictures are fantastic!

Outside light and all smiles. 

People began arriving at the wedding, and there wasn't a watt of electricity to be had. The organist was making adjustments with the piano. The candles were being placed throughout the sanctuary. And people were being led to their seats in the dark (there was some light streaming through the windows). At 3:30, the lights turned back on. Read: All systems were go.

I write this entire story for my memory, but also to be reminded of the peace of the Lord - the peace that surpasses all understanding. In this type of situation, an average gal might get a bit frustrated, but a bride takes it to a whole other level. The Lord kept me in perfect peace. I didn't worry or fear. I knew the people I wanted most were there. I knew at the end of it all, I would be married to Jeremy. My mama told me on Melt Down Wednesday that I would have a great story to tell. I do. I am thankful that through it all God was glorified on this day. He received the glory because all of these little details didn't matter. Our union ordained by Him is what mattered most. And now, we have a story to tell.

Lights on. Rings on.

PS- More to come on another day. Stay tuned. 


  1. Girl! You do have a story! That's for sure! How wonderful that you have so many people in your life willing to do whatever it took to keep your day special. It's funny how much emphasis we put on weddings (I was the same way-I cried many tears because things weren't going the way they were supposed to) However, once it was over I was like "why did I let that stress me out so much?" I'm just as married. :)

    1. Exactly! Love seeing all the cute pictures of Kiley! Looks like y'all have transitioned well to the new season!

  2. I'm so glad that you got some time alone with God that day!!! That was one of the prayers you asked for that I prayed the most.

    1. Yes and I was thankful those prayers were answered!

  3. Erin,
    I clicked on your link from Kelly's blog and have enjoyed several of your posts - we have some similarities which makes one fond of a person they've just "met" (it was top priority for me to have my quiet time before everyone else was up and moving on my wedding day!). My husband will be retiring from the USAF this next spring. It's been a wonderful season for us and although there are a lot of things I'll miss, it's time. I'm so thrilled there are couples like you who will continue to make a home wherever you're sent to not only serve our nation but to be ambassadors for the Kingdom. Our military needs strong families who stay the course and point to the Way. God bless! Tara

    1. Thank you Tara! I'm just now seeing this. That time before the chaos is important and special!

  4. I got married the week after you and wore that same adorable dress to my bridal luncheon! Great minds I guess ;)

    1. I love that dress! Congratulations to you also!