Friday, July 10, 2015

Tears of Joy

It has been a long time since I've cried tears of joy. Read: The so-called crocodile tears have been in sadness not joy. And yet, the last 24 hours the tears of joy that I thought had dried slap up have reappeared.

Yesterday, I was working on another lesson for the curriculum contract writing I do on the side. If we are going to be honest about it, I should really be working on that right now instead of a blog post. Priorities. As I was scrolling down the long list of files on my jump drive, I started tearing up because I realized that I've been writing lessons for little preschoolers for going on 3 years now that help them learn more about Jesus. I believe it has taught me more; however, these lessons go to many churches across the world - Wow! I was in awe of how the Lord has and is using me! What I sometimes see as a "task" during my week is not that at all.

I have about 38345723 blogs I follow on a regular basis. It is pretty close to fact that this may be more close to stalking rather than following; however, I will never, I repeat never, end up on Dateline on a Friday night. Therefore, let's stick with "following"! It's the trendy lingo for this sorta thing. I digress. I regularly keep up with Shay (Sean Lowe's sister) over at Mix and Match Family. Today she updated about a friend of their's who has had cancer 3 times - yes, 3! Tuesday her MRI report showed no signs of cancer. NONE! To have followed this gal for a while, it was wonderful to understand the Healer. A medical miracle to testify to all the doctors and nurses. God is healer; man is not. That will get you.

Finally, working at the paper we often get requests for 1000s of copies to be mailed here and there. Not really. It's more like two or three on a good week. This morning I had the pleasure of talking to a sweet lady who wanted me to send some papers to Walt Shepard on an article about Elisabeth Elliot. I nearly died because this is her son-in-law. The beautiful Elliot and her writings have encouraged me so much, and I was mailing papers to Valerie (her daughter). I had to call her daughter's home and inform the papers were on their way. This is when the tears rolled sweetly. What I would give to talk with Valerie for a few minutes. However, the pleasure of speaking with her husband was just enough.

Happy Fri-yay friends!

On another note: Jeremy and I were in Lenox Square Mall. I read this Atl girl's blog quite frequently because she used to post all of these fun parties with her friends. Lo and behold a friend of hers walked by, and I .. well I was like "hey I know that girl!" #exceptnot

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