Wednesday, July 8, 2015


There is a sweetness of walking with the Lord. I've experienced it before, and I'm desperate for it again. There's always the walking, but the sweetness comes and goes. It comes and goes because I come and go.

I think about the fact that I thirst for the cool refreshing water that can satisfy my physical thirst, but do I thirst for the spiritual water that can truly satisfy? I do! I thirst for Him - but to what degree? Sometimes I find myself thirsting for Him, because I think that will on some level merit my goodness and standing before Him. Other times I thirst for Him because I know that He is the only way to be satisfied.

And that's when the sweetness is made clear. It is sweet to walk with Him; to see Him; to learn of Him and to know Him. It is sweet to trust Him. It is sweet to trust in His sanctification. And what comes with that sweetness is the steadfast peace that comes from knowing that He is in control - the Almighty God; the Sovereign.

Take the reins, Lord. Take them sweetly.

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