Monday, June 8, 2015

That Time Amanda Got Married

I sit here writing this blog in the afternoon. It has been another Mexican Monday and Bachelorette Monday will commence tonight! Monday's look better in the Summer. I am just short of tired, but it was all worth it!

We came. We bridesmaid it like no other. We conquered [the dance floor].

Rehearsal dinner - friends and duck faces and Mexican 

That girl's getting married ... Thumbs up.

I'm sure this was the part in the speech where I mentioned sharing a hot dog or some other nonsense... Amanda said "I nailed it!" 

Bridal selfie. Because that's what we do...

Y'all - I had the time of my life dancing up a storm! Get a group of girls together, and we're ready to bust a move like no other. These girls!

Oh and the moms and dads came capping off a great weekend! Reese learned how to wobble and I consider that a success in and of itself!

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