Thursday, June 11, 2015

Small Things Erin

I have been following this blog called "The Small Things" since my trip to NY in 2012. That seems like ages ago. It was - 3 ages ago because I was the young doe of 28. Lindsay and I were taking on the city. I learned about this blog and quaintly refer to the author as Small Things Kate. Today's all about Small Things Erin.

It's the little things that become Big things and make us smile.

The little things:

Watching 3 uninterrupted episodes of One Tree Hill
Hearing Jeremy say "Helllooooooooo"
An iced coffee on a morning where I seem to be running like an early bird
The whisper that "You are enough."
Madelyn eating a carrot.
Dancing like a crazy person with some of your best friends.
Chips, Salt, Steak quesadilla, rice, beans, Coke and Brittany
A running groove

I realize today's post is not much of a blog. But be reminded sweet friends, the little things go a long way. They are sweet little gifts given by the One who loves us more than we can imagine. When we look at those small things, we recognize the BIGGER thing - His love.

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