Friday, June 12, 2015

A Flashback

Flashback Friday.. Is that Throwback Thursday's ugly step sister? I don't even know; I'm more partial to the TBT and ANY time the radio wants to get in on that action - Spice Girls, B2K.. But today we are going with Flashback Friday. It's Friday, and there's a flashback. You get the picture.

You know how you can go outside, stand in the moment, and it takes you right back to something you were doing at the very same time a year or so ago. It's like your very own TimeHop! Well..

Hop away.. This time 2 years ago. I was in Praha aka Prague. For real, I walked outside during a small break and immediately went in my mind to that little heart of Europe that I've visited more times than I ever dreamed of. I checked my phone to see the dates on the pictures.. sure enough, I was in Prague to the day! It's a Flashback of the best kind!

I love this place. It's history. It's buildings and architecture. And don't get me started on the food. Yes, I became a fan of Czech food. Take me back...

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