Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Baby Bear Edition

This weekend was just righttttttttt... Bday weekend was spent with the feyonce not to be confused with Beyonce. There was all sorts of goodness and calories involved, but we won't talk about that. Everything was Baby bear aka just right.

When you pull up Google on the birthday and see they have cake for you too, you get slightly amused and scream out loud. You don't? Well I most certainly did! And was more amused at how Amanda snuck this little treat on to IG ... #Ididittoherfirst


A Farewell on a Friday night - My first official military event #Icanhang

Birthday biscuits and house shopping. #Anniversary #Hardlife

Celebrating still with some hot lava cake and registering at the Target.
#thisismylife #overwhelmed #whatamidoing

Glasses and pound cake because we're still celebrating.
#notsosorry #itsmybdaywknd

Our own church in the park.. with the ducks.
#selfie #withoutthatdumbstick

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