Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You win, Target. You win.

Ahem. I was making the attempt to order a birthday present for a friend on Target.com. I remembered I had a gift card with a small balance and wanted to use that up first before adding a thing else to the charge card. It's had some love lately and needs to be cut off. Know what I mean?

After entering all necessary information 10 times it continued to tell me that SOMETHING was wrong with my information. Mind you half of the fields were already filled in, so I kept deleting them all and typing myself. - Yes, well I noticed about the 10th time that my expiration date did not in fact say Jan. 2018 as I had previously thought for previous attempts. The card indeed read 02/18 which most nearly means 02 is February which most nearly means the Target system was smarter than me for all of 13 minutes too long. And I laughed.

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