Saturday, December 20, 2014

Haul Out the Holly: My Christmas!

Happy Saturday! Yes, I created these questions. And yes, I created certain questions with hopes of answering them about myself. And because I'm the writer of this little blog, then, yes, I can most definitely do that. Here we go!

What scent makes you think of Christmas?
Disappointment: I'm not really a "scent" person.

What is your favorite childhood memory of Christmas?
There are several! (Surprise this is one of my favorite questions.) My mama always was off from work with us because she was a teacher. We always did fun little Christmas crafts and cookie decorating while she was off. The school teacher continued over into the break. For whatever reason, my brother and I would always "race" down the hallway to our presents. The hall isn't big. He always won. But it was still fun.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
I love to look at Christmas lights. When we were little, my family would pack it up and head to the Sonic for dinner. Then we'd drive around and look at lights. It was like the best thing ever. I still try to do something to that effect now. 

What Christmas movie is a must-see each year?
The Family Stone and the Santa Clause

What is that one Christmas drink that gets you right into the swing of things?
Though I am now a Coke addict, I really like drinking Cokes at Christmas. It had nothing to do with the taste pre-addiction. It was all about that classic Santa on the 2 liter bottle that just put me right in the Christmas spirit.

What's the holiday snack you can't live a Christmas without?
Lady fingers, homemade sugar cookies with white icing and colorful sprinkles that my aunt makes every year, and divinity

Describe a favorite Christmas decoration/ornament in your home.
On my little apartment tree, I love the Ice Cream cone ornament Devon got for me a few years ago. At home, I really like the ones my parents gave us each year. 

Tell us about a scripture that means a lot to you during this season.
Usually I have a scripture passage early on that I think about through the season. This one just came through yesterday. It has blown me away: "We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us." 1 John 4: 16

What part of the Christmas story impacts you the most (obviously Jesus) but anyone else?
I think Zechariah. I am such one to question every aspect of my life. EVERY. He was full of questions too. God still brought forth the child he promised Zechariah despite his doubting. 

What is one thing you've learned in 2014?
I feel like I have learned a ton. More to come in another post. But most importantly, I have learned and am still learning about what it means to stand in Christ's righteousness. That's big for me. 

What excites you about 2015?
I'm excited about the new year and seeing what the Lord has in store. There is a part of me that is tired of this learning and stretching and refining He is doing. I'm excited to watch my sweet niece grow. I'm excited about traveling. And about seeing Jeremy just a little bit more :)

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