Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Happy Monday! That was hard to say. Back in the hot seat or the work seat and starting off this week with a little thing we like to call "catch-up." But an obligatory Christmas post is quite necessary and all the more reason to take a break!

This year I was quite the traveling extraordinaire as I stopped in Statesville, Knoxville, down to Darlington and then on to Charleston. All of my little worlds in one week. Christmas was different this year because everyone in Darlington was sick. Everyone. Church was pretty scant yesterday. So both sides had to miss out on Christmas, which left me, the dad, and the mom. Christmas Day included present opening, Duck Dynasty watching, sausage balls, steak, fried chicken, and french fries - It's the Gandy way. Here's a bit of a recap:

Sunday I found my way to this guy. Or, he might've found his way to me because - Erin.Got.Lost. 
Our exchanging of presents included a beautiful Tanzanite necklace for me that I haven't stopped wearing. We also went to the Knoxville Symphony on Sunday afternoon. Watching people sing Christmas songs while drinking a Coke and having him beside me - Well, it doesn't get much better.
(Hey Nikki, from The Pink Growl - Yes, I was in our neck of the woods.. and so thought about trying to meet up with you.. if only my time with him wasn't so short.)

Saw quite a few sights in Alcoa .. had a history lesson ... saw some family engineering projects.. Pigeon Forge.. and this little park! Oh, and Jeremy is rockin' his Christmas present.. that he loved.

Last day.. We are getting better at this selfie-timer game! I can't say this enough, but I am thankful for this guy. His compassion and patience and thoughtfulness overwhelm me. 

The only picture taken on Christmas Day was of this little cutie. My daddy thought she needed to be a little festive. She didn't seem to mind.

Madelyn doesn't look happy.. but believe me, she is. I could eat her she is so cute! 

The best family picture we could capture. Our selfie-timer game isn't quite as good!

In case you were wondering, there were no pictures taken of me and Amanda. Maybe because we were talking about her getting engaged and such! 

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  1. I would LOVE to meet up with you! Maybe next time around? Love seeing these pictures of you happy!