Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Daughter of the King

My friend, Candie, texted me yesterday to remind me of our 5AM royal wedding affair. She came over at 4:45 the morning of William and Princess Kate's wedding. We watched the entire thing.. mostly. Until that moment when sleep overcame us, and we needed a nap. There's a point to that little walk down memory lane. If you watched the royal wedding or saw any sort of People magazine in the grocery store line, then you most assuredly know it was definitely an affair. In my small little paycheck world, I can't imagine what royalty looks like on that scale. What is it like to be born into that type of royalty?

We are children of God when we profess our faith in Jesus Christ. We move from being slaves of this world under the dominion of Satan and judged by God TO being a daughter of the most, high King. The King who has defeated Satan, forgiven sin, and reigns eternally. Do you see what happens? The old is a slave.. and the new is a daughter of royalty. It's not the royal family like the Queen of England, but it's better than that!

Jeremy wrote a blog about this topic a couple of years ago. You can read by clicking here.

I think this is definitely a hard concept to grasp when we are in this world and going from the day to day. It's hard to think beyond what is right in front of our faces. We fall into the comparison trap that really is a thief of joy. But when we look beyond here, and realize that in our salvation we have been declared as daughters of the King.. well, everything starts to change in our perspective. It might be slow. It has been for me. But I'm thankful that in His love and grace, He has declared me His daughter. It's a reality that is slowly sinking in.. but it's way better than what I could think it to be.

When all of the magic of Christmas fades (which I so love), this is what will stand. Our righteousness. His grace. Our adoption. His love.


  1. It can definitely be a hard concept to grasp when you get down on yourself. Often it takes a couple round of reminders before it finally clicks with me again that WOW I am HIS chosen daughter. It's a pretty great feeling!

    1. Yeah, it is definitely a hard one to allow to sink in! That's why I have to write it out haha