Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Haul Out the Holly: Kelly's Christmas

Greetings fine folks on a drreeeaaaarrrrry, cold Tuesday afternoon! Since I'm a Christmas loving fool, I thought it'd be fun to see how my friends celebrate.. what the memories are.. what fine food cravings appear for those glorious few weeks of holiday foods.. and the Story that changes our lives forever! I just really enjoy knowing how everyone else celebrates this special holiday! This is Christmas with my friends, and I'm hauling out that holly! Kelly is up first!

What scent makes you think of Christmas?
Bath and Body Work - Fresh Balsam - ( i may have bought 3 of these the other day!)

What is your favorite childhood memory of Christmas?
Getting THE Barbie mansion when I was 6 or 7. I may have shed a tear when my parents put it in the attic a few years ago. 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Growing up me & my brother would sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve and then he would run downstairs on Christmas morning super early and then report back to me something big Santa got me & I would then get really excited and come downstairs to see all the goodies. 

What Christmas movie is a must-see each year?
Christmas Vacation

What is that one Christmas drink that gets you right into the swing of things?
Target Brand Candy Cane Kcups

What's the holiday snack you can't live a Christmas without?
My mom's peanut butter balls.

Describe a favorite Christmas decoration/ornament in your home.
Since we just got back from Disney world last month I bought a "2014 Mickey mouse Ears" light up ornament to remember our trip

Tell us about a scripture that means a lot to you during this season.
Habakkuk 3;18-19a "yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior. The Lord GOD is my strength."

What part of the Christmas story impacts you the most (obviously Jesus) but anyone else?
I love the story of Elizabeth & her unborn baby John the baptist "leaping for joy" in Luke 1:36-45 when Mary comes to visit them. I love the friendship the two share and that Elizabeth is nothing but excited for Mary & encouraging to her when Mary is questioning why she was chosen by God to carry baby Jesus. It also includes one of my all time favorite verses in this passage  Luke 1:37 -"For with God nothing shall be impossible!".

What is one thing you've learned in 2014?
I survived turning 30 and it wasn't as life altering or shattering as i thought it would be! But i guess getting more deeper, i've learned that you must choose JOY and ask God to give you a heart of contentment even in situations where you may be questioning why you are in a particular season of life. I've learned when you stop comparing yourselves to others and remember the specific things that the Lord has done in your life, it opens your eyes to just how much He loves us & cares for us. 

What excites you about 2015?
It's looking like a fun year of celebrations with weddings & babies for close friends! Bring on the fun party dresses & wedding cake! 

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