Thursday, November 20, 2014

That Christmas Wish List

Because Black Friday is nearly right around the corner, it got me thinking. The moms needs a definitive list or she gets all crazy on it and doesn't know what to get. Sooooo I thought I'd help and drop a hint or two or BIG hints. Keeping it short and sweet and simple this year:

       Otterbox Commuter Cell Phone Case for iPhone 5S/5C - Berry/Purple ...Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Naked Basics  



A colorful Otterbox for my phone because black is just tooooo blah!
Eyeshadow that knocks the socks off others.
Decades!! - Clearly this was made for me.
Toms -I've got my eye on you- booties.
Working on that 9021-Oh! Collection
Because every girl needs a little grill according to the moms.
Comfy, warm sweaters because I'm trying my best to stay warm.
And because I love a good biography.

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