Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's been quite a while since I've participated in a Link up, but today's the day. I've been holding out all week on a few of my recent favorites for this very post! I love reading the blogs of these ladies, so why not join in all the fun!?

My new FAVORITE Bible Study
What Is Love - Kelly Minter

Kelly Minter is a wonderful teacher and speaks beautiful truth in accordance with God's Word.
I nearly rushed out to Lifeway to grab my copy of this newest study once I realized it was
officially released!

My new FAVORITE songs!!
Seriously how did my love for Shane and Shane miss all of this. Missed no more!
Listening to a few of these nonstop.

No one goes to the store and doesn't want potato chips. It's one of those battles between good and evil, and we negotiate with ourselves and just give on in. Wave the white flag. Those potato chips are coming home with me. Salt and Vinegar are my splurge chips, though there's no splurge about it. It's more like - Erin wants a little something special today. Here's where that landed.. The stuff 10:00 AM snacks are made for:

That's all folks! Friendsgiving is tonight with pizza and CHIPS and brownies and FRIENDS of course! ... Here's to the Gellar cup and the I Hate Rachel Club. 

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