Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday Night TV

I love a good Monday night television show. There is something about coming off a weekend and plunging into a Monday morning that we just need a show in sight once the day is over. For years I do believe, close to 7 or so, I have found my place on the couch for a Monday night television show, which is one of two things: The Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars. There is no shame in admitting my love for The Bachelor and my obsession with one day wanting to dance on that wooden floor with the likes of those professionals to win the coveted mirror ball trophy.

This season it seems the folks have struggled a bit at compiling a "Stars" list to which the ABC audience would likely deem as a star. But one 17 year old has risen above and stands out for me, which keeps me committed week after week and dancing several steps from Tuesday to Sunday. Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is the reality star for this season. There is no denying how much I do love this show. It's funny. It's clean. It reminds me of home. And these people love Jesus! In a world that glorifies the Kardashians and every housewife from here to Beverly Hills, this is refreshing. And so, I'm a fan or as MTV would have said in the day - a fanatic!

With a show like Dancing With the Stars, there comes a point where the more risque the move then the more the dance is appreciated as art. A hand wanders here and there making the dance moves look more and more sexual and less like a dance. The dilemma for Sadie Robertson has been to make art fit her life. Sadie has professed to be a Christian since the first day of the show. She has placed various parameters on dance moves and costumes. Her dad and mom have also weighed in as to what is acceptable. It is clear that Sadie wants to honor God in this entire process and have fun. The two are not mutually exclusive. Earlier in the season, Julianne Hough (a judge) said that Sadie would have to "get down and dirty" as the season went on. Um. What?

Sadie has done the exact opposite and still remains in the quarterfinals. Why yes, I understand this is just a TV show. Yet, here's the thing - a lot of people watch this show. The audience is larger than those who would just tune in weekly for Duck Dynasty. This is a larger platform than ever for Sadie to share her faith and walk in that. Last night Sadie's attempt to honor the Lord in her dances and dress all became clear last night! The judge who had previously told her to get dirty changed the tune:
"There's a light that you have that shines so much .. people take that light. It's just so infectious."

That light is Jesus. "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

May we shine before men that they will glorify our Father - whether we eat or drink.. whatever we do.. doing it all for His glory.  1 Corinthians 10:31

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