Monday, August 25, 2014

If you really knew me...

Monday.. Monday! I thought hitting the gym for a run at 5 AM would be a bad idea. Not so much. I felt like I punched Monday in the face. It felt good, and I had a piece of Smores pizza to congratulate myself. Being back in the swing of all things work, I thought of a fun, quick little post - just to let ya know I'm still here. Alive and well. I've read a post or two by the Girl in the Red Shoes where she just reveals little fun facts about herself. It's called "If You Really Knew Me..."- Hence the title of this fun little post.

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I cry every single time I hear "I got off the plane..." like I never knew what was going to happen. Happened this weekend. I squished my eyes hoping it not to be so.. but the tears came.

You'd know that a sunset or sunrise with pinks mixed in are sure to take my breath away and lead to a picture of some sort.

You'd know that though I put up a good front about being ready for Summer and loving it, I secretly love all of the seasons, esp Fall and Spring.. but not Winter so much. See what I did there?

You'd know that having a black Otterbox has just felt not normal and so this weekend I purchased a purple one. -- because I like color, and black is too boring for this girl.

You'd know that I get really excited when I learn something new from the Bible or fully understand a verse.

You'd know that I obsess about the oven being turned off. It can nearly get all Sleeping-With-the-Enemy obsessive, compulsive like and I touch the knobs on the oven. True story.

You'd know that I also cry a minimum of 5 times during the One Tree Hill season finale. Cry- tear up. peeee-can. Puh-can. But it's at the exact same 5 parts. Every. Single. Time.

You'd know that I sometimes talk about the blogs I follow as if they are my real friends. 

You'd know that I am scared of a thunderstorm as if I were 5.

That's all. Now, that seemed more of like a confession time rather than information hour. But hey, it worked.

ALSO - I posted for Worthy of the Calling on Friday. That blog can be read by just clicking here. You see, I've linked up and everything. It's about fear. Check it out, if you're interested.


  1. LOVE this! I totally talk about blog friends like they are my real friends too!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I love reading your blog!!!