Friday, August 22, 2014

Show Us Your Singles - Jen

I love Kelly's Korner and have followed her blog for several years now. Let's just say, she may have contributed to my love for a blog and she maayyyyy have, scratch that most certainly, played a role in me meeting my fella! Yay!

So when Singles Day rolls around, you do what a good friend would do- you throw your friend under the bus and post about her. No, no.. There were no buses. She knows what I did.

Meet Jen!

Seeeeee.. She's already saying Hey! (so friendly)

I met Jen at some point when I moved to Raleigh. Her dad is on staff at the church I attended. 
To say that I love Jen would be absolutely appropriate! And so in good fashion, I thought it'd be nice to give a little countdown as to reasons why I love Jen.

#1 - Jen loves the Lord and has the desire to serve Him. Within the past year or so, she has traveled
to both Kenya and Toronto to work alongside missionaries that our church sponsors. Her faith is genuine
and true. She is constantly seeking to grow - How do I know? She's been borrowing several books. She's in a few Bible studies. She is constantly meeting with others to hold her accountable in her walk with the Lord.
#2 - Jen is just plain fun! She laughs at just about everything, and makes me laugh too!
Ummm.. she'll probably hate me but I just love this Halloween costume.. so creative!

#3- She's a traveler! Her family takes these great trips (to which I sometimes get jealous about).. and then she just ventures out on her own with friends. Those are the best kind of trips.

Jen also has an appreciation for Chickfila, a Coke (don't we all), volleyball, Ben Rector, and being on the lake with friends and family. I just think Jen's a great gal and would just make a fella pretty darn lucky, if I do say so myself.

If you have a friend or brother that you think might be just the match for Jen, please leave a comment with your email address and a little about the Mr. you have in mind! I'll do my part and be sure to get in touch! 

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