Monday, July 28, 2014

Mary Kate and Ashley Have Nothing on this

Oh how the West was fun! I'm thinking Mary Kate and Ashley did a cute little movie about such fun in the West, of which movie I never saw. But yes, indeed, I headed West to Statesville to see one bestie and lucked up to Skype with the other bestie. Reunited, and it was good!

Chickfila, Smores Pizza, Skype fun with the Cores (all of them), Jimmy Fallon, Running, Cheese grits, Pool side and a SeeSaw, Sub Express... yep, it was good!

There is a reason Trent deemed us Besties.
Scotty McCreery sings "Sun block blockin.." 
Finally. Sub Express. Mission accomplished.
And this cutie returned home. After missing for 5 days, being found in a shelter, and being renamed Peggy... Maggie is home sweet home.

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