Friday, July 25, 2014

You see, I was trying to talk about Numbers

Friday, ya'll! FRIDAY! And just like McDonalds.. I'm lovin' it!

Here's to the time that the smoke detector went off... Last night.. Twice

Here I am minding my own business trying to cook dinner. Ham, grits, and green beans. Quite the combination, but it's what I wanted. I'm stirring those grits and chatting it up about Numbers with Leah. I move into my room to pack a few things for my trip West. Both of us are sitting there not a care in the world while I'm packing. Well you know what happens? The smoke detector goes off. We have a monsoon outside. Every eye on the stove full of food. An apartment full of a haze that went unnoticed. And the smoke detector goes off. We are not prepared for a fire. Leah and I both stare at each other. Then frantically search the ceiling IN the kitchen trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.. or.. which one is the smoke detector. We wave towels. We open doors. Good situation under control. Here I go back to putting cheese in my grits, not even sure where it's all coming from. Smoke continues. Smoke detector starts back up.  And I scream "Hey! I'm TRYING to have a theological discussion here!" As if - a) the smoke would stop because of it b) the sound would stop and c) that was more important than our house burning down.

But as it turned out, my green beans were burnt. And burnt green beans are no good. I can assure you that they taste about like a burning cigarette. Not that I've tried that, but I most certainly attempted to salvage the beans and ended up looking like a toddler spitting her food out.. yep. I did.

Too bad I didn't have my fire survival kit from elementary school. I was going to save my family with that bag of popcorn, circus flashlight, and pocket change.

And now for the weekend...
Heading West to see my frandddddd....  Let the good times roll!
The weekend will most nearly look like: Sleeping, Chickfila, Subs Express, Running, Pool, Sleeping, and a Benadryl, according to Amanda's mom. It's like Gandolph is coming to town..

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