Monday, May 5, 2014

Daaaaaa Wknd Kinda like Daaaaaa Bears

Mmm.. SNL anyone?
The weekend is done.. and the BIRTHDAY WEEK HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!

To say I'm glad to see this past weekend go would be quite an understatement. I cried too many times - four to be exact. We call that "crying in the closet", though there wasn't a closet in sight. Overwhelmed? Yes. Stressed? Yes. Sad? Yes. Tired? Yes. Closet? - No where to be had.  Yet Amanda is officially out of the 919. But before she left selfies were to be taken, BBQ chicken pizza had to be ordered and some icecream had to show up somewhere in the mix.

The other parts of my weekend involved birthday celebrating with the parents, cheeseburger eating, sun tan attempting, apartment unpacking, John Adams reading and Kentucky Derby partying... 

Like Kathryn and I were saying, there was a bit to learn about a Kentucky Derby from that classic Newlyweds episode - how to apply bronzer, how to wear a big hat and all about Smarty Jones.. RIP.  So glad Allison hosted this cute lil party.


And a Happy Cinco de Mayo - Here's to hoping you get a wonderful taco out of today!

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