Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All in my Twenties: Lessons Learned

Today is ..
A) The last day I'm 29
B) The last day I'm in the 20's decade
C) Same Same

Yep, it's really all the same. On this day as I look into a new decade - and by look I mean a healthy mix of deer in the headlights and mad face and anticipation of a chocolate chip cookie look - I thought I'd get a bit reflective and write about some things I've learned in my 20's. - The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.  It's really all here.

I am not here to please man but to please God. (Gal. 1:10)
It is okay to ask for help and to accept help. It doesn't make me weak.
The opposite only makes me prideful.
Getting a tan or being less white is not the most important thing in life.
Coke is the better beverage of choice.
Some things just get better with age.
It is okay to accept compliments from others.
My mama really is my best friend.
The friends made in seminary are the friends for life.
My weight is just a number. It does not determine who I am or rule over me. - Praise the sweet Lord!
Being picky - whether about food or clothes or a fella - really is quite alright.
A good credit score is kept when the credit card balance is paid off monthly. Otherwise don't buy it.
It is perfectly acceptable to be myself - smart, outgoing, funny and goofy.
God is good and faithful.
The timing of the Lord is perfect.
I can't control every situation.  And that's okay. That's where trust comes in.
I am made for days filled with sunshine.
I am made for an early morning run.
The Christian life isn't meant to be lived alone.
If I am going to wear wedges, I have to go a half size down. Who would've thought?
You are never too good for any job. - Getting someone else's coffee and cafeteria cashier. The end.
There is a definite system for browsing Target.
The best way to get over myself or out of a rut is to serve and love someone else.
He (God) is to be #1 in my life... the rest will fall into place.

Thankful for the lessons learned. Oh I see you 30, and you're not looking so bad!

Yet - some things stay the same.!  Apparently I've "Been thuggin' all my life.." orrrrr at least tryin my darndest to channel that inner Nelly and Eminem.  Whew! This makes me oh so thankful for defined cheekbones, smaller arms and better accessories that have come with time!

Here's to Birthday Eve - the lessons learned and celebrating with F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

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