Friday, January 31, 2014

A Countdown of sorts and Rap

First thing's first.  Can I get a resounding AMEN - Hallelujah chorus that January will be over in a mere 10 hours?  I'm not one for the winter months. On to February, which most nearly means..

- 9 days until the Winter Olympics
- 12 days until Duke faces off/wins against the Tarheels, you see what I did there?
- 23 days until the Daytona 500
- 28 days until the Madness of it all begins
- and 37 days until the loved Daylight Savings Time joins us again.

But I mean, really.. who's counting or anything?

Next.  This quote.  I've said it a time or two about the past few months of my life.  This quote has ever been on my mind.  The "breathless expectation" is what I kept holding onto - holding really hard.  It kept being one of those things I would hope would happen, yet it was more like the sigh of sadness that Chambers mentions.  It seemed like everything was frustrating.  Thankfully, by God's pure grace He is moving me past this season.  I am learning, though, that He is God in all seasons.  Today, however, I had the thought of "breathless expectation".  I was driving to get my Firehouse Sub and had a one track mind to get there and get rid of this headache with food consumption.  On the way, I kept thinking - "God, I don't know what you are doing in my life, but I'm pretty sure something is about to happen; and, I'm excited about it."  In that moment I realized I was/currently waiting for the Lord to act in "breathless expectation."  I almost cried.. almost a tear.. but I squenched up my face so tears couldn't escape, and I could get my sub.

Finally.  This is a complete 180 from the previous topic of conversation, but I just had to share.  Yesterday I went to the gym and read on the elliptical for a bit.  I then decided to listen to some music just to finish everything out.  Song of choice: Kanye's "Heartless".  I'm about 98.4673% sure I started jamming like I was on a dance floor. After about two minutes in, I realized the scene I could potentially be causing and... kept right on.  Because of that,  I hope you enjoy this History of Rap as much as I do.  Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon just don't do much wrong.  Happy Birthday Justin.. Happy Birthday!

OH! and One. Last. Thing.  For February, there are going to be some posts about singleness and marriage and dating and love - Some would call it a series.  Maybe I'll think of a fun series-like title over the weekend to get the party started.  Until Monday.. 

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