Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I learned on Snow Day 2014

Snow Days are their own little holiday.  There's not much else like being holed up in your place for 24 hours or more.  So here I share what I learned on Snow Day 2014 and a few other things..

1. Snow Day food is essential.  I'm not one to understand a snow craze.  There were a few days in high school when the power went out on a snowy day, and we needed something like milk and bread, but daddy chose to grill steaks - because that's just how the Gandy's do things.  With steak. And french fries.  So technically our Snow Days never included the aforementioned bread and milk.  This may very well be the reason why my urgent Snow Day grocery list looked something like this..

2.  It takes a lot of work to make a decent selfie.  These people that post 10 a day, my hats are off to you! Well done.  You are more photogenic than the average human being.  After quite literally 54 attempts in our apartment complex parking lot, these two gals captured 4 gems.  I'm also quite certain that if any fellow apartment tenants happened to look out there window during the 6 to 7 minutes that this little spectacle lasted, then they got some pure G-rated entertainment that Netflix isn't capable of dealing out.  2 girls. 2 tobaggans. 2 pairs of sunglasses. The sun.. and a phone.
PS- A straightener and curling iron may have been used in the process of getting ready for photo opps. The pictures don't lie.. but OJ does. 

3. A young Tom Cruise is much better than an old Tom Cruise.  And it is not okay to affectionately call your significant other Goose or Bob or any name within the first week of dating. You might wonder where this came from.. but it was a discussion that went on for maybe ten minutes.  Maverick and Goose.. not a good couples costume.  That says friends. But Ross and Rachel.. though they were on friends .. does not say friend.  It says couple!
4. I need to get some where tropical.  

5. Nesting is only when a baby is on the way.  I made the comment that I was "nesting" considering the meal I planned to make yesterday.  Bbq and cornbread with macaroni and cheese and baked beans - just a little something for your taste buds.  Amanda quickly notified me that "nesting" is only when there is a baby and a baby daddy.  Not there yet.  But hopefully one day.  So apparently.. I wasn't nesting.. I was just... making a meal.  But it was LEGITTTTTT ya'll.

6. I looked back at my journal from 4 years ago.  Amazingly almost to the day I was reading the same passage in Scripture.  1 Peter 2.  I was one of those moments that I can't describe.  God is faithfully teaching new things in His Word each and every time.

7. Carrie sent me this artcile about singleness.  Loved it.  You can get to the guy's site by clicking here.

The lessons I learned.  Simple but clear.


  1. LOVED THIS! I was cracking up :) Our snow days here look a little different...maybe I'll do a snow day reflections of my own this weekend!

  2. 1. You should see how much prep I do before photos. No shame in a curling iron/straightener. 2. Young Tom Cruise all the way. 3. I definitely "nest" at times, too.