Friday, November 15, 2013

We crack me up

Please excuse my anorexic looking arms.  They really are not that tiny.  But Amanda.. well.. yes, she has some guns.

Why I crack up:

- Inevitably it takes us 10 times to get a decent, yet comical selfie
- I always.. always.. end up with my mouth wide freakin' open.  I call it my Fun look.
- Amanda inevitably has a cheesy grin and is doing something cray.
- Typically we look just alike, ie hair pulled back, tank top, running/yoga pants .. Small and pitiful example.
- I say something cray, and Amanda will just stare.  We call this the "Mad Look."
- Amanda gets a hot phone call and dances down the hall.  To which I call my mama to tell her about said dance.
- On a cold winter night, we will get out of the car and run to the door just squealing bloody murder simply because..... it's cold.
- The thought of us going to a hot yoga class where neither of us have much balance.
- The actuality of previously mentioned hot yoga class.
- The debriefing of previously mentioned hot yoga class on the ride home.

And all of this took place in one night folks!  That's right .. never a dull moment at 305.

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