Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful List

In the spirit of November and all things Thanksgiving, I have been reminded lately of just how thankful we should be.  The Lord has provided in such great and abounding ways that I easily forget.  With the sweet potato casserole and pecan pie in sight, this is my thankful list:

My salvation
The forgiveness of sins
My family... all of them
A warm apartment
This sweatshirt type blanket we have at the apartment
Sandwiches, Cheeseburgers, French fries
My church
My growth group
The older, godly women in my life
My job
The ability to run
The phone
My health
Those who risk their lives daily for the cause of Christ
Blogs and other good reads
the sun
the beach
Being able to travel here and there
South Carolina
Skyping with Candie
the privilege of education
BCM and other church leaders in my life
God's leading me towards ministry
Clean water
... and this Coke float from Cookout that I'm sipping on.

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