Monday, November 18, 2013



That seems to always be the answer I give.  Busy can be a good thing.  But sometimes I just don't stop, and I keep on going until I can't do anymore.  I was talking with my friend, Paige, during a baby shower this weekend about all that has gone on in life.  She and I were both talking about how our lives went from coming home after work with a normal routine to just full blast, something every night of the week.  And most of the time I welcome those things.


For me during this past week, busy was good.  I worked out of town.  I skyped with my friend Candie.  I went to hot yoga with Grace from my small group.  I went to dinner with some friends of old. Ha.. Friends of old! That means.. known them the longest in Raleigh.  I helped small group ladies make Christmas ornaments for adoption.  I went to a birthday party for a 1 yr old who I am in small group with the parents.  I went to a baby shower/girl's night for Jen.  Church on Sunday morning. I met with Brittany for some accountability.  All in a week's time, and loving every minute of it.  Until, Sunday afternoon when I just crashed.  However,
Though I'm


I've realized that God has given me what I have always prayed for.  I have prayed for community.  I have prayed for strong Christian ladies to be in my life and to experience community with them.  God created us uniquely and thankfully we understand each other.  We need to live life with each other - boys and girls.  I am thankful to have beautiful friends who came alongside me over the past couple of days and have encouraged me.  In each situation previously mentioned, I had a lot of fun.  I may have been tired, but the reality is this -- life lived together and in community with other believers is going to require time.  It doesn't segment off time for a quick email, but it requires us to engage with one another.


Yet, even in the busyness, God has sustained me.  He has given me the strength I've needed and the rest that I've needed for each day.  He slowed me down on Sunday, and I was able to take a nap.. or two.  That's what Sundays were made for!

Busy is good.

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  1. love this! i used to freak out if i didnt have anything to do after work or on the weekend but now i freak out if i dont have 1 night at home after work where i can cook dinner leisurely & put my pjs on. Oh how things have changed!